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  • Dog Eat Dog

    Dog Eat Dog

    The class struggle is real.

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    On this day of Valentines, grab your most cherished loved one and give them a good smooch and a squeeze.  

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  • Proper Dogs

    Proper Dogs

    Some proper dogs with which to usher in a proper weekend.  

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  • John Williams at 90

    John Williams at 90

    Today happens to be the 90th birthday of the most influential composer of our time, the great John Williams.   His music has transported us to the depths of space, the mysterious orient, deep dark jungles that hold secret treasures, and into our hidden emotions when he has scored the human experience. Having won the…

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  • Foxy Sketch

    Foxy Sketch

    A fox meandered into the pages of my sketchbook. Hope he doesn’t find the page of chickens.  

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  • Snow Day!

    Snow Day!

    Whatever should one do on the first snow day of the season? Why, DRAW of course!!  

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  • Away in a Manger

    Away in a Manger

    As we enter the Christmas week of a second strange year in a row, I wanted to share with you my official Christmas card for 2021. The art itself was created with watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil – a little handmade touch in this digital world of ours. Away in a Manger is one of…

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  • Christmas Coal

    Christmas Coal

    Apparently Santa doesn’t have much love for discrimination.     A very Merry Christmas to ALL – no matter what your private health choices are!

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