They wore ten-gallon hats with ten gallons of attitude.

Inked in my sketchbook, toned in Photoshop, attitude from a life of hard-knocks.

I think the West was won with big mustaches.

Grape Ape

Ironically, my grape ape is eating a cherry lolly.

Ink on paper, color in Photoshop, attitude on display.


How many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Dog Eat Dog

The class struggle is real.

Ink in my sketchbook.

Proper Dogs

Some proper dogs with which to usher in a proper weekend.


A few noses that enjoy rarefide air.

Foxy Sketch

A fox meandered into the pages of my sketchbook. Hope he doesn’t find the page of chickens.


Snow Day!

Whatever should one do on the first snow day of the season? Why, DRAW of course!!


Click on image to enlarge.

Christmas Coal

Apparently Santa doesn’t have much love for discrimination.


So much for the Green New Deal. That’s his 38th bag!


A very Merry Christmas to ALL – no matter what your private health choices are!

The Penguin

Oswald Cobblepot, making crime look respectable since December of 1941. That’s right, the Penguin turns 80 years old this month.



Another page from my sketchbook that was colored in Photoshop. With a bit of DNA from the animated Batman show, thought I’d take a stab at my impression of the Penguin.