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  • Fundamentals of Math

    Fundamentals of Math

    As the school year begins to wind down, perhaps now is a good time to mention my recent foray into the world of academia that will affect kids beginning in the 2022-23 school year. Just as things were getting locked down back in 2020 due to coronavirus, I was in talks about a project with…

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  • History of EC Comics

    History of EC Comics

    You know, I’ve gotten all caught up in sharing sketchbook drawings here, that I neglected to share with you some real work that I did that was published in 2020. Let’s remedy that, shall we? So, here’s the set-up… my friend, Grant Geissman, wrote a terrific (and quite gigantic) book about the history of EC…

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  • Sammy’s Angels

    Sammy’s Angels

    In celebration of season 2 of Green Eggs and Ham being released on Netflix today, I created this new piece I call Sammy’s Angels featuring Sam I Am, his superspy mother Pam I Am, and Guy Am I. The show is traditional (hand drawn) animation, so why not a hand drawn illustration? This was made…

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  • Sam I Am?

    Sam I Am?

    Any of you Netflix subscribers out there excited about this Friday? According to Netflix’s website, Season 2 of Green Eggs and Ham is still supposed to be coming out on April 8! Since I don’t personally have Netflix, I’ll just have to wait to hear the sound of all the Whos down in Whoville singing…

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  • Ten-Gallons


    They wore ten-gallon hats with ten gallons of attitude. Inked in my sketchbook, toned in Photoshop, attitude from a life of hard-knocks.

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  • Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink

    Hoo boy. I’ve been pretty busy of late finishing up a big book project I’ve been on for the past nine months. Happy to say that the final touches were completed yesterday! There’s always a huge sense of accomplishment when you do that final paint stroke on something you’ve put so much time into. I…

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  • Grape Ape

    Grape Ape

    Ironically, my grape ape is eating a cherry lolly. Ink on paper, color in Photoshop, attitude on display.  

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  • The Batlight Saga

    The Batlight Saga

    I hear there’s a new Batman movie out now starring Robert Pattinson. I didn’t see it, but I figure this is probably what it was like.      

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