Drawn & Quoted: Chuck Norse

“I don’t initiate violence. I retaliate.”

– Chuck Norris


The other night as I was watching television, I grabbed my sketchbook and just started doodling. I suppose that I wasn’t really paying too much attention to what was on the screen because I started to draw Vikings. There aren’t too many Viking TV shows on these days unless Law & Order sneaked in a new version of their show – Law & Order: The Norse Files. However, about a month ago I saw the brilliant Dreamworks animated movie How To Train Your Dragon, so maybe some thoughts of that lingered in my brain. This one guy emerged from my pencil, and begged to be drawn a little more formally. Over to the drafting table we went where he was fully realized.

But after all that – for some reason, all I could think of while doing the final drawing was Elmer Fudd singing “spear and magic helmet.”