Free Comic Book Day 2010


Well, it’s almost that time once again – the first Saturday in May is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!  Comic shops around the country will be promoting this cultural phenomenon in publishing by GIVING AWAY comic books printed just for this occasion! I’m a big one for stuff for the kiddies. I grew up reading Disney Comics, and my tastes have not changed. I still read Disney Comics, and more recently, some great Muppet comic books all published by Boom Comics.

Speaking of Boom, they have a special Toy Story comic book that you may be able to find out there in your local comic shop on May 1st:


For the grown-ups who like the history and behind-the-scenes of the comic arts, my friends Tom Heintjes and David Folkman who publish Hogan’s Alley Magazine will once again be giving away a free copy of their great publication to anyone who e-mails them ON MAY 1st!  Hogan’s Alley is always chock-full of wonderful insightful articles about the creators of some of your favorites in the world of cartooning.  Here is the offer in their words:

Why so glum, chum? We’re here to deliver a glimmer of cheer! Mark your calendars for this Saturday, May 1: Free Comic Book Day. Send us an e-mail ON THAT DATE with your mailing address, and we’ll send you a FREE issue of Hogan’s Alley! No obligations, no strings attached; the only thing it will cost you is several hours as you enjoy the issue. (This offer is valid for all U.S. residents, whether you’re a current subscriber or not.) Remember the one condition—we must receive your e-mail request (sent to on Free Comic Book Day (May 1), not the day before or the day after. (Before and after that date, any requests for freebies will receive only scorn and derision.)

So, if you’d like to see what Free Comic Book Day is all about, and whether there are special events and creator signings at a store near you, visit!

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