The Ugly Cowboy

It seems like many western movies,¬†whether from their heyday up until now, the hero cowboys are always chiseled sculptures of men. You know, like Michelangelo’s “David” with a wide brimmed hat and facial stubble. However, all the cowboys in the background and the side players are the ones that were probably most like real cowboys. Yes, folks, we are talking about the ugly ones.

Real cowboys could not possibly have taken care of their teeth very well, or shaved at all out on the trail, taken a bath in weeks, or had proper protection from the sun while out on a cattle drive. They would have been wrinkled, brow beaten, hairy, and very very dirty. Why do you think they kissed their horses? It’s because they were so ugly, the horses were the only ones who didn’t mind the attention.

So, in the spirit of true cowboys, I present to you this mighty ugly hero of the western stage…


Cowboy on the range
I know what you are thinking after what was said above. “How come he doesn’t have a full beard?” It is because this cowboy is only 9 years old. Life on the trail is cruel.