Tow Truck Sketches

Yesterday started out like any other: wake up, get lunch put together, shower, get dressed, and take off for work. The trouble was in the “take off” part. There was no “up, up and away” to be had.

You see, I drive an old car. It has served me well as it served my grandmother well before me, and some dude before her. However, yesterday my ’95 Mercury Sable decided to require service of its own. The power would not work at all. So, a tow was required.

While waiting in my car for a tow truck to arrive, I pulled out a trusty thin blue Sharpie marker, and found an old piece of paper in my trunk and began to doodle randomly. There was no rhyme nor reason to the sketching – no frustrated mechanics or dilapidated vehicles. Just some good ol’ fashion creatures.¬†Although if I were to analyze these drawings, I was probably experiencing the disposition of the giant turtle creature while the happy-go-lucky guy inside the jaws was the mechanic about to make some coin.


Big Giant Turtle
Waiting for a tow truck can bring out some weirdness – in a good way.


So, no matter what curve ball life throws at you, with a pen and paper, you can get through it okay. I can’t wait to see what my next jury duty will inspire!