Sketch Challenge 3 – The Weinie Roast

Day three has arrived of the sketch duel between me and my good friend Andy Heckathorne. My friendship with Andy goes back to my days in college where we took many art classes together by day, and worked on the school newspaper together by night. It is because of this close friendship that I won’t claim ownership of this contest quite yet. All bets are off on Friday, though.

For those of you who have frequented my blog in years past, I usually post a monster each weekday during the month of October in what I call Monster Month. Unfortunately, real work schedules have kept me from doing those personal pieces this year, but seeing that we are still in October, there is no way I can let a week of sketches go by without adding a monster to the mix.

I present to you this orange beast master of flame, a fire breathing dragon complete with a hot dog accessory!


This guy would be really handy on a camping trip.
This guy would be really handy on a camping trip.


Another sketch comes to you tomorrow in the great 2015 Sketch Challenge!