Even MORE Wreck-It Ralph

Two weeks ago I shared with you a few drawings I did for a Wreck-It Ralph children’s book published six years ago when the first movie came out. Care to see a few more?

After I posted the previous drawings, an artist friend asked me if I hand-inked these or if I used a vector program like Adobe Illustrator. The answer is that they were hand-inked, but not with ink. I drew them by hand in Photoshop. So, no vector tools were used. They were drawn on a Wacom Cintiq monitor that allows me to draw with a stylus directly onto the screen. The monitor is pressure-sensitive, so if I push harder, the lines get thicker just as if I was inking traditionally with a paint brush (which is my preferred method of inking traditionally).

So, take that information as you will. Otherwise, just enjoy the drawings!

Ralph and Vanellope
King Candy
Ralph in a sticky situation. (insert groan here)