Wreck-It Ralph

It’s hard to believe, but the first Wreck-It Ralph movie came out six years ago, and now today the sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet comes out. I had a chance to see it two weeks ago at the Walt Disney Studio, and I have to say that it was really a terrific sequel.

So, in honor of the sequel coming out this week, I thought it was high time that I shared some Wreck-It Ralph art that I drew way back before the first movie ever came out. Disney Publishing had another illustrator working on a Ralph book that followed in the footsteps of the old Where’s Waldo? books. Each spread was VERY busy so that kids would have to look for little things in the artwork. Having done such books like that myself at the beginning of my career, I did not envy the amount of work that illustrator had to put into the drawings.

One thing that ended up being tough for the illustrator was nailing the exact likeness of some of the characters. I’ve been there. Twenty four years ago I had been doing Disney books, and having trouble with likenesses, mostly due to a lack of reference material sent to me by the publishers. Seeking such images on the internet wasn’t yet a thing, so Disney would send me corrected drawings by some anonymous artist who had access to perfect reference.

Well, whatever the reason, this other artist was needing some adjustments on the characters, so Disney Publishing hired me to do drawing corrections like I used to receive. I became the anonymous artist.

So, the following are some of the drawings I did for that Seek and Find book: