Colonial Mouse

Just one week ago I was in Philadelphia for the National Cartoonists Society’s annual Reuben Awards convention. I hadn’t spent that much time in that city in years, and I loved it. I love the history in that city, and wish that more of the colonial times had been preserved there.

I was disappointed that each day I tried, I could not get into Independence Hall. I just thought you could show up and go in like Nicolas Cage did in National Treasure. Turns out that you probably need to book your admission months in advance. Thanks for the misinformation Nicolas. Sigh.

Anyway, I got to doodlin’ in my sketchbook the other day, and came up with this man from the colonies with a stowaway on his rad ponytail. After finishing it, I realized it was an idea I had seen before in an old Disney cartoon called Ben and Me – the man & mouse part, not the ponytail set-up.¬†Seek it out if you haven’t seen it – Benjamin Franklin owed all his achievements to a mouse.


If you thought the Liberty Bell was cracked, imagine this guy’s psyche after repeatedly trying to get rid of that mouse!