Adopt a T-shirt

My sister Tori and her husband Frank are interested in adopting a little girl from India to add to their family of three sons. It is a long and expensive process, so I helped out by designing a T-shirt for them with what they wanted on it that they could sell as a fundraiser.


Click on the shirt to open the page to order shirts!


At $25 each, they are a little pricey for a T-shirt, but the purpose is to serve as a FUNDRAISER. 🙂 So, think of it as you are donating $25, a portion of which helps them with the thousands and thousands of dollars needed for adoption, and in return you get a T-shirt designed by yours truly.

Plus, you’d be helping my folks to gain their first granddaughter after having nine grandsons. So, there’s that, too.

Thanks for the consideration!