2021 Monster Month: Dino Drip

Maybe if the caveman had gotten the vaccine, he would be protected.


I guess it could be worse. The drip could be coming from his nose.


Ink in a sketchbook, colored in Photoshop.

2021 Monster Month: Taste Test

Hard as they try, trolls are never very good chefs. They never use enough seasoning, their meat always tastes quite gamey, and they’ll eat anything that’s not related to them. It’s truly an ugly existence, even more so when you realize they actually have nothing of benefit to offer society.*

Although, they might offer a bit of a humorous escape for people if some producer gave them a cooking show.


Tastes a little undercooked.


*Of course, I’m talking about REAL trolls here. Not those fictional technicolor Smurf-like creatures who sing all the time.

Black cherry colored pencil in a sketchbook.

2021 Monster Month: Fish Bowl

I can’t quite be sure, but I think this alien has fish on the brain. The truth is very likely stranger than science fiction.


That is some SERIOUS brain fluid!


Ink drawing in a sketchbook, colored in Photoshop.

2021 Monster Month: Chadula

Here we are 24 days into Monster Month, and there hasn’t been one self-portrait in the batch. Seems reasonable that after drawing all these monsters, there should be at least one depiction of the artist as a creature that goes bump in the night. (In real life when I do that, it’s likely due to stubbing my toe in the dark on the way to the bathroom.)

So, why not trot out everyone’s favorite blood-sucking vampire from Transylvania as inspiration? I call him CHADULA. Mwuahahahahaha! (Cue the lightning strike!)


“I vant to draw your blood! No, really, I want to draw it, not drink it!”


I’ve made appearances in past Monster Months. You might remember me as Frankenstein’s monster, a hairy beast, a zombie – even as the Wolfman a couple of times. If you are adventurous, you could click on the “self portrait” category on my blog and see if you can find my other beastly incarnations.



2021 Monster Month: Night Stalker

If you decide to take your lovely lady out for a late night constitutional, please be very aware of your surroundings.


While he doesn’t quite know it yet, when he gets closer, that street beast will discover that Ethel and Horatio are on their way home from the Rotary Club’s annual bean supper.


Ink and black colored pencil in a sketchbook.

2021 Monster Month: Stardate

I don’t know, if this creature was on an intergalactic dating website, I might steer clear. He’s either smiling or constipated, and the fact that he likes “long walks down a dark alley” is a little worrisome.

I don’t know why, but this guy seems like something one might see on Star Trek. He was just a random ink, watercolor, and gouache guy in my brown paper sketchbook.


Watch out ladies, he’s single and ready to mingle.

2021 Monster Month: The New Kid

Every kid goes through it. One day they are out in the neighborhood playing with their friends, when a big moving truck pulls into the driveway of the Jenkins’ old place. Inevitably, a new kid moves into the neighborhood.

Will he be cool? Will he be a dork? One will never know until introductions are made.


They can say hello back. He won’t bite. Or will he?

2021 Monster Month: Suspicious Minds

If you’re up to no good, be sure that this one will spot you. He’s the embodiment of Ronald Reagan’s old famous quote, “Trust, but verify.”


He’s probably irked that the optometrist is suggesting glasses. Hello! No ears!


Ultramarine colored pencil in a sketchbook.