Backwoods Boogie

Sheesh. Everyone is making Tik Toks these days.


If a bear dances in the woods when no one is around, would it get likes?

Money Money Money

Everyone get their taxes sent in by today?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d want to get that close to duck tails (wooOOoo). A little ink and watercolor from my brown paper sketchbook.


Bad enough that the IRS wants a cut, but to also have to deal with the Beagle Boys – ugh.

Birthday Game

Here’s a fun little sketch I did inside the birthday card of a friend who loves to go deer hunting. I guess not everyone was happy about that birthday so it seems.


Oh great, I’ll bet he starts complaining about the shotgun noise next.

Easter Bunny

Well, ol’ Bugs Bunny isn’t exactly the Easter Bunny, but he’ll do for today.


He is just a poor boy, though his story’s seldom told…

Existential Crisis

That moment when you realize….




Ink, gouache, and watercolor in a toned tan sketchbook.

The Barbershop

It’s okay if your barber wants to practice for a barbershop quartet, but maybe not while giving you a shave and a haircut. (I hear those cost two bits.)


Well, it’s a look that’ll start a conversation around the Thanksgiving table for sure.


Declaration of Independence

Happy Independence Day!!

Instead of doing some sketch of a patriot for today, I thought it might be fun to see ol’ British King George III’s reaction to learning that the Colonies decided to rebel against him on that fateful July 4 back in 1776.

I’ll bet ol’ Georgie had wished the postal service had that day off that first year, but that would come later.


Good thing they didn’t go with Thomas Jefferson’s first draft, the Declaration of Dependence.

The Big Thank You Search

This piece was created with thanks to all the medical workers (face mask), grocery workers (shopping cart), teachers (apple), farmers/food service workers (fork), delivery service folks (steering wheel), and science researchers (microscope) who have served our society during this coronavirus pandemic.
Click to make the thank you magically bigger.
The National Cartoonists Society put out the call back in April that cartoonists all over the world post this special thanks with these symbols in their art TODAY, and they are calling it the Big Thank You Search. So, if you look at newspaper comic strips, they should be loaded with these same thank yous, and hopefully lots of other social media posts by cartoonists today. I thought I’d break out my buddies Sam I Am and Guy Am I from the Netflix show Green Eggs and Ham that I worked on.
While I haven’t personally utilized the services all these professionals have provided during the past three months of lockdown, I am grateful they are there for when I do need them.

Thank you all!