Christmas Coal

Apparently Santa doesn’t have much love for discrimination.


So much for the Green New Deal. That’s his 38th bag!


A very Merry Christmas to ALL – no matter what your private health choices are!

2021 Monster Month: Horny Monsters

Welcome to the grand finale of my 2021 MONSTER MONTH!! And what a finale indeed! Not one, not two, but FIFTEEN monsters!!! (Seventeen if you want to also count the kids.)


Hopefully the art is just as cacophonic visually as the noise they are probably making!


A little while back, I was invited to contribute a page to a kids’ activity book where each page was being created by different cartoonists. The book was going to be published, and handed out at various children’s charity events by the non-profit organization spearheading the project. Covid hit, and the donors who were going to pay for printing backed out, so the book wasn’t printed. Bummer.

This was going to be a black-lined coloring page for the kids, where they also had to find all the horns in the picture, and I don’t just mean the musical instruments. Since some monsters have horns on their heads, it meant ALL horns in the picture – thirty-five all together!

This was a traditionally drawn image hand-inked on Bristol board. I decided to spruce it up a little by adding some color in Photoshop just for you Monster Month followers.

I hope you have enjoyed this month-o’-monsters. It was fun for me coming up with them You can sigh in relief that now it is over. We will be returning to our regularly scheduled (non-threatening) art posts in the days to come.

2021 Monster Month: Big Bad Wolf

Well, here we are on the eve of the final day of MONSTER MONTH. Have you been enjoying it? I hope so, because I’ve sure enjoyed presenting all these wacky characters to you this month.

This is one of my favorites for the month. It’s a traditionally created piece made with ink and gouache paint on blue Canson paper. I had doodled this idea about three years ago, and it just languished in my idea file. When I saw it again, I knew I had to do it, and part of the fun of this one was doing it with those traditional methods. If I ever have a monster art show some day, this will look really great in a frame.

I’m sure you can tell, but just to be clear, it is a version of Little Red Riding Hood.


“My, what big drool you have!”


(I think drool has been a recurring theme this past month.)

Come back tomorrow to see the GRAND FINALE of this year’s Monster Month!! It’s a doozy.

2021 Monster Month: Dino Drip

Maybe if the caveman had gotten the vaccine, he would be protected.


I guess it could be worse. The drip could be coming from his nose.


Ink in a sketchbook, colored in Photoshop.

2021 Monster Month: Time Warrior

Time can be our friend, or it can be a cruel joke.

When time is more of the latter, that is when one must call upon the services of the Time Warrior. He travels through time to write the wrongs one has done, but he does so for a price – a price that you don’t always fully grasp until it’s too late!


Waitaminnit – is it EVER too late if you can hire the Time Warrior? Yes, yes it isn’t.


Ink and gouache on brown paper. Sidekick not included.

2021 Monster Month: Fish Bowl

I can’t quite be sure, but I think this alien has fish on the brain. The truth is very likely stranger than science fiction.


That is some SERIOUS brain fluid!


Ink drawing in a sketchbook, colored in Photoshop.

2021 Monster Month: Chadula

Here we are 24 days into Monster Month, and there hasn’t been one self-portrait in the batch. Seems reasonable that after drawing all these monsters, there should be at least one depiction of the artist as a creature that goes bump in the night. (In real life when I do that, it’s likely due to stubbing my toe in the dark on the way to the bathroom.)

So, why not trot out everyone’s favorite blood-sucking vampire from Transylvania as inspiration? I call him CHADULA. Mwuahahahahaha! (Cue the lightning strike!)


“I vant to draw your blood! No, really, I want to draw it, not drink it!”


I’ve made appearances in past Monster Months. You might remember me as Frankenstein’s monster, a hairy beast, a zombie – even as the Wolfman a couple of times. If you are adventurous, you could click on the “self portrait” category on my blog and see if you can find my other beastly incarnations.



2021 Monster Month: Night Stalker

If you decide to take your lovely lady out for a late night constitutional, please be very aware of your surroundings.


While he doesn’t quite know it yet, when he gets closer, that street beast will discover that Ethel and Horatio are on their way home from the Rotary Club’s annual bean supper.


Ink and black colored pencil in a sketchbook.