2013 Monster Month: Day 6 – We All Scream

When I spent some time on the beach this summer, as usual, a sketchbook accompanied me. However, this time it wasn’t just beach walkers that made it into the sketchbook’s pages. Some monsters joined the fun, too. With a red colored pencil in hand, this hard shell fella enjoyed some soft ice cream.


Ice Cream Beast
Better this creature is licking his ice cream instead of you.


No, my sketchbook is not full of Canson paper. It was just red pencil on white paper, but I thought it would be fun to drop this fella onto some textured colored paper digitally, onto which highlights and shadows were added.

For those of you who regularly follow my Monster Month posts, this guy follows a tradition of including a monster enjoying a frozen treat. If you’d like to see the others from past years, CLICK HERE!

If you haven’t yet had your fill, return Wednesday for an all new beastie!