2010 Monster Month: Day 10 – Spike

Just a few days ago I was winging my way from Toronto back to my home in Los Angeles. I was returning from a good friend’s wedding (congratulations Steve and Ruth!) when on a completely unrelated train of thought, I started doodling this dragon in my sketchbook.

Dragon Drawing
Of course he looks ornery. You would be too if you never knew the joy of playing with a balloon!

While the wedding didn’t inspire this red pencil and ink sketch (really – no bridezillas there), my time spent that very morning at the Royal Ontario Museum‘s dinosaur bone exhibit DID get my mind working. I was quite fascinated by the supposed bones they had on display.

I say “supposed” because they never do reveal how much of those skeletons are created by a sculptor rather than a casting of actual bones. So, my imagination may very well have been inspired by the imagination of a master sculptor. Somehow my imagination seems to have included opposable thumbs.