2010 Monster Month: Day 11 – First Flight

A year or two ago I had some doves take up residence on my back patio. I had a clear view of the nest with their eggs, and was excited to eventually see the little bald babies freshly experiencing life. Watching the parent caring for them was a bit of a thrill while over the weeks they were growing and strengthening. I was hoping I’d be around to see them leave the nest, but it was not to be.

I imagine as they each stepped up to the edge, they donned their crash helmets and knee pads as any sensible little winged monster would when they are about to attempt their first flight. And just in case they can’t summon up the courage to take that initial leap, momma is there ready to give them the boot.

Baby's First Steps
A little encouragement can go a long way – and hopefully not the long way down.

So, please enjoy this momentous occasion in the life of every young winged beastie as portrayed with genuine ink and colored with Photoshop. Should you care to see it slightly larger, just click on the image!