Welcome to Chad’s “Blog”

Welcome to this new fun-filled website I like to call a “blog”.

“Blog’?” you say?  Why yes, a BLOG.  It’s just a fun little term I worked up to help give a name to this type of a web diary site.  Catchy, isn’t it?  Use it, love it, tell your friends about it.  I predict the use of the word “blog” will grow like the wild grass of the hills.  Not the foothills of the Pennsylvania Poconos – no, friend – more like the wind-blown Alpian hills truly alive with the sound of music.  Only time will tell.

So what, pray tell, will this blog be about?  Well, to be honest, it will be all about me.  That’s right, me.  It’s already got my name on it, so why not keep the selfish theme going?  Perhaps from time to time I’ll post some sketches, mention new projects I’ve got going, and maybe show some works in progress now and then.  I hope to keep it light and airy, and make you feel good for having dropped by for a spell.

So, pull up a chair, wiggle a mouse, and enjoy the show – er, blog.

2 replies on “Welcome to Chad’s “Blog””

Fun stuff, Chadney. You should ask Grant Geissman if he can get you to draw him and the staff as they record music for “2 1/2 Men” Grant is as nice a guy as he is talented and a dues-paying NCS member. I know he’s attended CAPS events, but don’t know if he’s a member there as well. See you at the Reubens…


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