The Tazmanian Devil

Every now and then I get asked by a kid to draw something that is completely out of my repertoire. This past weekend a young second cousin of mine was out here in California with his dad on a father/son sightseeing trip, and he asked if I could draw a Tazmanian Devil for his friend. I’ve never drawn Taz professionally, and it had even been years since I tried it just as a self-amusement exercise.

I remember reading once that the great Charles Schulz was at a public signing event drawing his Peanuts characters for children. He looked down and asked a little boy what he would like to have. The boy replied, “I want a drawing of Popeye.” Schulz said that from then on he learned to draw a few other characters in case a moment like that should come up again!

I, however had the luxury to do my Taz drawing in my studio where I have access to reference materials. So, I did this pencil sketch of Warner Bros.’ popular Looney Tunes character The Tazmanian Devil for young cousin Jason – or his friend, and did a second one so they both could have a drawing.


Taz Art
He shouldn’t have been too hard to draw. I wake every morning looking at a molded Taz alarm clock complete with moveable menacing arms!


Drawing Taz was really fun. Bugs Bunny and his pals were the few cartoons I was allowed to watch while growing up. They instilled in me my love for animation. Unfortunately, I have only had the opportunity to work on one Warner Bros. project – a Michigan J. Frog coloring book. Not long after finishing that book, I moved to California where I became a Disney guy for almost ten years. In hindsight, it is kind of ironic that my one WB project spoofed a Disney movie. It was titled Croakahontas.

Well, enjoy Taz, although I’m sure a Popeye drawing by Charles Schulz would have been much more interesting!