Spring Selfie

Welcome to the first day of spring!!!

While many parts of the United States have already been showing signs of spring, others are still buried under snow thanks to a big storm that hit just last week. Where there is snow, there may be some hibernating bears you don’t want to awaken.

If you happen to be hiking through the woods, stay alert out there! DON’T bury your nose in your cell phone. You may come across a bear just up from a long winter’s nap, and he may want to check his e-mail or take his first 2017 selfie!


This just happened to be something I sketched while in the freezing cold of Russia this past January.


You may laugh at the absurdity of this situation, but believe me, it could happen. A few years ago I was watching the morning news on television here in Los Angeles, and a situation like this almost happened. Someone posted the clip on YouTube, which I have provided for you here…




By the way, this just so happens to be my 550th post here on the ol’ blog. I’m sure that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.