MONSTER MONTH: Day 1 – Frankenchad

Welcome to the FIRST DAY of Monster Month here on the Chad Frye • Illustration Guy blog!

To kick off the event, the monster of the day today is none other than ME !  It only seemed fair that I set the example to all the monsters to follow in the days to come.

Chad Frye as Frankenstein's Monster

“Why monsters?” you ask? Earlier this year I got caught up in creating an illustratiton of Frankenstein’s monster in a Mona Lisa setting, and I just caught the bug. Ever since then I’ve been doodling monsters. If you click on the Monsters category on the blog home page, you’ll be able to see other monsters that currently reside on the blog.

So for now, strap yourselves in, and get ready as we unveil a fun month of hairy beasts and creepy eyes! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did drawing them!