An Announcement Under the Bed

Hopefully you don’t store your computer under your bed, for if you do, you will find a frightening scourge of MONSTERS under there during the month of October. Yes, that’s right – Chad Frye • Illustration Guy announces that from October 1st through October 31, it will be officially MONSTER MONTH on the ‘ol blog!

Frye_Angry_EyesSo, what does this mean exactly? It means that every day in the month of October a new drawing, sketch, or even painting of a monster will be showcased here on the blog. Some may be frightening, some silly, others just weird. But all will be fun!

Also, at some point during October in conjunction with MONSTER MONTH, a NEW CONTEST will be announced on the Chad Frye • Illustration Guy Fan Page on Facebook. If you are a Facebook user, be sure to join the Fan Page so you can have a crack at the contests held there where signed books and real live drawings have been given away! Click HERE to see the Fan Page.

So, hopefully you have stocked up on night light bulbs, because beginning TOMORROW the blog will be inundated with MONSTERS!