Minds. Blown.

On a recent afternoon, I visited my mother’s church. While the choir was practicing, I sat there in the pews with my sketchbook preparing to do some doodling when a few little kids saw it and wanted to look inside. After flipping through some pages, one of them said to me, “Do you know Mrs. Frye’s son?”

I looked around to see if I was getting pranked, but no, these eager young art enthusiasts were earnest in their query. I looked right back at him saying, “I AM Mrs. Frye’s son.” Their eyes got big. “Do you know……Chad?”

I chuckled a little and replied, ” I hope so. I AM Chad!”

“Chad draws Green Eggs and Ham!”

“Yes, I know,” said I. “I worked on that show.”

Minds. Blown.

Those three brothers LOVE the Green Eggs and Ham show on Netflix. Seeing my sketchbook triggered something that reminded them that they knew that Mrs. Frye’s son also liked to draw, and that he drew for their favorite show. Apparently they had no idea that there was the remote possibility that her son could be sitting right in front of them.

So, the next week I surprised them with a sketch of their own…


The hammier the better.