When I was a kid, I LOVED playing soccer. I played in a league in our town, and really enjoyed the game. My love for the game changed when I aged up into the next group, and found myself to be one of the youngest players in that level, and I was paired with a team that had a few bullies on it.

My own teammates soured me on the whole sport, when during practice, I had kicked the ball in a scrimmage setting, and it hit one of these bullies in the face. After practice that day, I got the stuffing knocked out of me as I was trying to unlock my bike from the bike rack. I didn’t quit the season because I don’t quit my commitments, but after that year, I never played in town leagues again.

I enjoy the nostalgia of having played, and the feeling of exhaustion at the end of a game. It sure was fun. So, I recently had some doodle time, and decided to do a little drawing more in line with what we do in storyboarding for animation – drawings full of action and interesting camera angles!