Airport Art 2

Here’s part two of some of my real life sketches drawn in the airports where I spent some quality time over the holidays. These specimens were captured in Baltimore and Atlanta one week ago where I spent a combined twelve hours sitting around. I people watched, sent some e-mails, played on Facebook, watched a movie on my iPod, ate a few meals and sketched. What else can you do when at the mercy of the airlines?


The Airport Shuffle
This woman was struggling her way through the halls of Baltimore’s airport with a giant carry-on bag and shoes that did NOT look comfortable. Not to mention I feel sorry for whomever had to sit next to that hair.


The snarl
While sitting in Atlanta’s airport, this woman walked up and took command of a seat near the gate entrance. She was dressed very elegantly, but her face and body language looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. And by “weight of the world” I meant “shoulder pads”.


Indian tech geek
This Indian kid was a walking cartoon with his long frizzy hair, slouch, ginormous eyebrows, and overall demeanor. This is not so much a cartoon drawing as it is a portrait.


So there you have it – a few sketches from my travels. I don’t know how I’d pass the time without pencil and pen in hand. Sure glad the TSAs haven’t outlawed those.  Yet.