Airport Art 1

Welcome to the New Year! What occupied YOUR time on New Year’s Eve? Was it spent traversing this expansive nation of ours over twenty-two of those last twenty-four hours of 2012? No? Mine was.

Yes, twenty-two hours. I left my parents’ home on the east coast of the United States to travel an hour and a half to the Baltimore airport just to wait about seven hours before my flight took off for Atlanta where I spent another five hours before flying to Los Angeles where I waited for a bus to take me to my car which I used to travel the last thirty minutes home. It was on said bus where I rang in the new year with about thirty other weary travelers, one of whom somehow managed to already be drunk. Good times.

With all that time spent in airports, the trusty ol’ sketchbook was utilized. There’s nothing like a good airport to bring out the most interesting of humanity. Thought I’d share with you a few highlights…


fat lady
This woman was actually drawn prior to Christmas during my journey east when I got stuck in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport for seven hours.
This gentleman was in the food court with his family in Delta’s terminal of the Baltimore airport. Sounded like they were speaking French to each other next to the McDonald’s, and yet none were eating French fries.
Groovin' woman
Also in Baltimore, this woman cracked me up. She sat down in her pink track suit with a double row of rhinestones on the sleeve, and proceeded to eat her lunch and physically groove to the R&B music she was clearly listening to (I could hear it from several tables away) on her iPod.


Just to spread the love, next week I’ll post a few more gems from my time served in the Baltimore and Atlanta airports on New Year’s Eve.