Parasite Illustration for Answers Magazine ………. (part 1)

Back in early winter, Answers Magazine contacted me to create a custom illustration for them. They are a science magazine written from a biblical point of view. You may recall that about two years ago I did a five-page spread for them about white blood cells (CLICK HERE to see post). This time the assignment dealt with PARASITES!

Dan Stelzer, Answers‘ Magazine Designer, sent me the article which was a straight-up scientific view of the role parasites play in life. THANKFULLY, he wanted me to use my humorous approach to the illustration which I was more than happy to do.

Out of curiosity, I actually did a quick scan of the web to see what was out there in the real world of parasites. It was very inspiring in developing completely fake ones.

So, Dan suggested a large parasite invading a family’s dinner table. I roughed out a quick sketch of one for him, and then came up with two more ideas for him and his team to consider…


Parasite Humorous Illustration
Look who’s coming to dinner! Yikes! No table manners AT ALL!


Parasite Illustration
The sports fanatic dominating a family’s personal space seemed like a good way to show how parasites can be invasive.


Goldilocks parasite
And now for something COMPLETELY different, who was the biggest parasite in children’s literature? Goldilocks of course! I got this idea after looking at the teddy bear in the boy’s hand in the first concept drawing.


So, which one do you think they picked for the magazine? Check back tomorrow where I will reveal the chosen one (sounds ethereal, doesn’t it?), and will show more steps in the process towards the final painting.