2016 Monster Month: Day 2 – The Red Scourge

Beware of the Red Scourge!

Oh, don’t get me wrong. He’s not mean or anything. You just don’t want him preparing any meals for you because you just know you are going to end up pulling great big long red hairs out of your dinner, and that’s just nasty.


On the plus side, the hairs are long enough so that you could use them as dental floss after the meal.


You are probably thinking he is named the Red Scourge because I drew him with a red pencil, and you would be partially correct. The “Red” part is also is because of where I drew him. This monster was added to my sketchbook this past summer when I was on a camping trip in the heart of Russia. I know that sounds like I just made it up, but it’s true! I actually went on a six-day camping trip in Russia. I’m glad I had my sketchbook because there was LOTS of time to add things to it in between swatting mosquitoes.