2011 Monster Month: Day 11 – The Runner

Not sure if today’s monster is the chaser or the chasee. If it is chasing something, I would NOT want to be in his way. If it is being chased by something else, just think how much more hideous its enemy must be! No matter what the story is behind this drawing, it was just a doodle that sprung to life in my sketchbook.

I often like to draw things that look like they are in the middle of a story. Hopefully this one makes you wonder where he is from, why is he running, and where he is going. Or maybe its not even a he!!! YOU get to write his or her story in your own imagination.


Love Bug
Maybe he is running in slow-motion on the beach towards a like-minded creature with a head full of braids clacking together with each footstep.


Tomorrow I’ll share with you a creature that is a cross between the Jurassic period and Zhu Zhu Pets.