2010 Monster Month: Day 24 – Dinomime

Today’s monster has kind of a strange yet short backstory. At my current animation day job I was working in a large room with several other artists. Somehow we got to talking about dinosaurs in museums, when the thought was brought up by someone about dino bones in France. Then our imaginations got the better of us, and we were wondering what a French dinosaur might have been doing when he was trapped in the earth. Naturally, he had to have been a street mime.

I know, I know – it was a VERY strange line of thinking, but we were all storyboard guys after all. Of course, I had to stand up and mimic how a stubby-armed tyrannosaurus mime might have performed in silence on a quaint Parisian street corner. To further illustrate my point, I quickly sat down to my Cintiq tablet (a computer screen you can draw on with an electronic pen) where I banged out this quickie sketch in about a minute…

Tyrannosaurus Mime
He’s performing the classic “trapped in an iceberg” routine.

The sketch, while certainly not anatomically correct, has such an energy to it that I thought it’d be fun to share it with you. One of these days I’d like to turn it into a full-blown watercolor illustration. Perhaps that will make an appearance in a Monster Month of the future!

Oh, and if you ever run across a real Dinomime, be sure to toss him a tip if you value your life!