2010 Monster Month: Day 17 – The Gatorpine

Yesterday you were able to see a sample of a whole page from my sketchbook on which I was brainstorming monster heads with the promise that today I’d show you one of those heads fleshed out, so to speak. That spikey headed fella in the lower left corner was the one that captured my imagination.

So, Mr, Spikey Head – who are you? What is your profession? You obviously look like you are a bit of a tough guy, and yet you look like you enjoy your work. You also look like you have an imposing presence, yet can enjoy some ribbing from the guys (although I personally sure wouldn’t want to be the one to snap a towel on him in the locker room). You probably have enjoyed more than your share of fresh gorluck stew or whatever exotic name you call your favorite meal. Maybe you are more military in nature – an infantry soldier or something. See, all these types of questions come to mind and just from that little head drawing.

Visually, that head reminded me of both an alligator and a porcupine. So, considering the other character building questions, the military minded Gatorpine is born….

Monster Soldier
Don’t worry kids – that’s really just a big squirt gun. Although, he fills it with acid, so I’d duck if he points it at you.

Let’s just hope he really doesn’t reside in the Everglades.