Tweety Bird

Now and then I’ll do a little something for the fun of it for family. My late Uncle Ken was a big fan of Tweety from Looney Tunes. He was so much of a fan, that he even had a Tweety tattooed on his ankle.

I can’t actually remember what the occasion was for creating this pencil and watercolor piece a few years ago, but I know it was something I did for Uncle Ken. You see, he lived in Arizona in the shadow of Superstition Mountain, which explains all the cactus and cowboy gear. Whatever the reason, I thought you might find it interesting as this is the rare Warner Bros. piece you’ll find here on my blog. It may only be the second WB thing I’ve posted here. I grew up loving the Looney Tunes characters, but just don’t often get asked to draw them.


“I tawt I taw a sidewinder!”


Speaking of Warner Bros., this coming Saturday I’ll once again be at the Warner Ranch studio lot in Burbank drawing for the families who needed the services of the Ronald McDonald House this past year due to an ill young member of their family. Should be fun drawing for folks who probably need a little cheer in their lives about now.

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