Tim Curry Art Show part II

Last week I mentioned the Tim Curry Tribute art show that the Creature Features gallery in Burbank, California, was hosting. I even teased a small portion of my painting that is in the show. Well, the show opened this past Saturday and was a SMASH!

Before I continue about the details of the show, let’s just reveal the full image of my painting called Tim Curry – A Portrait of Villainy. Seems like all the best roles we’ve come to love from this actor are those of villains. He has just been so good at chewing up the scenery with his parts. No one can deliver his lines with more panache and conviction, be over the top about it, and still be so believable as those characters. So, I chose not to focus on a character he played, so much as just portraying him as being a character of himself.


This is the full final piece created in watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil measuring 18×24″. The gallery has the original and prints for sale.
I did choose to represent a few of his more memorable characters in the wallpaper – characters from ItLegend, Rocky Horror, Annie, Clue, and Muppet Treasure Island.


Word got out a day or two before the show that LA Weekly, a local newspaper that talks about all the hip events going on around Los Angeles, named the Tim Curry show as their “Event of the Week.” The show didn’t open until 6pm, but as I drove past the gallery a little after 4, there were already two lines forming. One line to the left of all the pre-paid customers (it was $10 to get in on opening night), and a line to the right of stand-by. The gallery changed their hours for the show from 6-9pm to be from 6-11pm to try to accommodate everyone. By the time I arrived for the artists’ entrance at 5, there must have been 500-600 people waiting in line. It was crazy insane!


This is the pre-sale ticket line from behind the gallery. It wrapped around from the front on the right, and went down the alley. there was another long line out front going down the street just of stand-bys.


Of course, the biggest reason folks came to the show was to hopefully get to say hello to Tim Curry who was in the house! Tim had come earlier before the gallery was open to see all the art, which was a good thing. It allowed him freedom to move around, and not be disturbed by everyone wanting a picture with him. He went to dinner, then later came back when everyone was there, and was willing to sit in a roped off area where folks could walk by and greet him.


What a treat to get to meet Tim Curry and express appreciation. (Thanks to my pal Kevin MacLean for thinking to snap this shot.)


Inside the actual gallery rooms, it wasn’t too crowded. They allowed in enough people to make the show navigable, and as folks left, more could come in. A lot of originals were being sold, as well as lots of prints of some of the art. I didn’t stay the whole night, so I assume that my painting is still available for sale, and if you aren’t into having a huge piece of art hanging in your home, they are selling modestly sized prints that I hand-signed. Feel free to contact the gallery if you are interested in getting one. CLICK HERE to access Creature Features’ website.


The gallery at Creature Features.


So, without further ado, below are some photos I took of the show to give you a little taste. The show will be on display until March 11, and it is free to attend now after the opening, so if you are local to Burbank, stop on in and check it out!


Former Disney and Dreamworks animator Kathy Zielinski, former Dreamworks and current Disney animator Kevin MacLean, and then yours truly.
The pencil drawings are by Kathy Zielinski from her time working on Ferngully: The Last Rainforest for which Tim Curry performed a voice.
A terrific entry celebrating the movie Clue (based on the board game).
I forget which film this is from, but what a great textile piece by Lori Herbst!
Not only was this a felt It sculpture, It animated! So clever.
This is not entirely unrealistic. I did pose my hands for reference when painting the piece.
This Pennywise sculpture actually had light-up eyes!
Long John Silver from Muppet Treasure Island by my friend Frank Dietz.
A parting shot of the gallery with a piece celebrating Rooster Hannigan, Tim’s character from the movie Annie.
Many thanks to Tim Curry for all the inspiration!