Sailing Away

After my previous post of a sailor cat, I thought maybe you’d enjoy a little throwback post of another sailing themed piece of art I did once upon a time.

This is a pencil drawing I did of San Francisco Bay when I was in the 11th grade for a statewide school competition in New Jersey. If I recall, this won either second or third place back then, but only first place went to nationals. (You know what they say, second place is the first loser!) Anyway, it was based on a photo I actually took when in high school, likely from the boat taking us out to tour Alcatraz.

Maybe one of these days I’ll show you the piece I entered the next year that DID win first and went on to nationals. For now, though, here’s something by 16-year-old Chad.


Somehow I left the funny stuff out of this image for a serious art competition. Maybe if I included a shark it would have won.
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