Romeo & Juliet (part deux)

Yesterday I shared with you a Valentine’s Day card I made this year. Perhaps you might like to see parts of the art up close and personal, kind of like that kiss was about to be?


Hope they each had a breath mint first.


For those curious, the art was created in mixed media fashion. Which media was mixed? It is primarily a traditional watercolor painting, some gouache was used, colored pencils, and then there are some touches in Photoshop.


Cloth close-up. Cloth and possible toe fungus.


I did try my best to really get some interesting lighting into the art. So often it feels as though the lighting in my work is more even, without much drama. This image just needed to have aspects of moonlight coming from one direction, and candle/lantern light coming from within the palace. Hopefully the cool light and the warm light is believable and interesting.


Vines are the garnish on this gourmet dish.


Well, there you go. A few close-up shots of how this illustration looked to me while I was working on it. Often a lot goes into a piece like this, but whether a lot or a little bit of work, hopefully the art is always entertaining to YOU!