Rocket Ship Caption Contest Winner!

Well, two weeks ago I announced a contest that was being held over on the Chad Frye • Illustration Guy Facebook Fan Page. The idea was simply to suggest a good caption for the cartoon drawing I posted. Well, after 95 caption suggestions, I narrowed it down to the five best and then let the fans vote on them.

Congratulations to the winner of our little contest! Bruce Higdon of Tennessee won himself a signed and sketched-in copy of my children’s book Jonah and the Very Big Fish. I have re-posted the cartoon below with Bruce’s caption, and then listed the other 4 finalists below him.

Many thanks to all who played along! Come join the Facebook Fan Page where more contests will be conducted in the future!


“And they say a quarter doesn’t go far, anymore.”
Submitted by Bruce Higdon

“Shouldn’t a let Bob install that ‘stimulus package’ . . . .”
Submitted by Luanne Jenkins Hurst

“Mrs. MacGuyver . . . I think I found your son.” 
Submitted by Kate Adams Smith

“Oy! First, the mechanical pony breaks its leg and we have to shoot it, now this!”
Submitted by Bill Riling

“When you get caught between the moon and new stock boy Vinnie. I know it’s crazy, but it’s true.” 
Submitted by Andy Heckathorne

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