Peggy Lee’s 100th

Today is the 100th birthday of the late torch singer Peggy Lee. Not only was she the voice of Peg, the Siamese cats, and Darling in Disney’s original animated Lady & the Tramp, but she co-wrote all the songs!

I had a short fling myself with Lady & the Tramp some years ago. I drew an official coloring book based on the movie before ever entering the animation business in Hollywood. It’s been a while since drawing these characters, but it was fun to revisit them in my sketchbook. They are such appealing designs, and so wonderfully animated in the 1955 original film. It’s no wonder that beautiful film lives on in the hearts of each new generation that comes along.

While Ms. Lee had a long career as a songstress, it is certainly her work with Lady & the Tramp that ensures her legacy.


No bones about it, 100 is OLD!