Old Mice

A little birdie told me that tomorrow will be the 90th birthday of a certain little mouse. Aw, who am I kidding – the Walt Disney Company has been screaming loud and far that Mickey Mouse is old. What they aren’t saying is that Minnie Mouse is just as old, since she also appeared in Steamboat Willie, but maybe that’s because it is impolite to point out a lady’s age.

I just so happened to have drawn this picture of the two almost-ninety-year-olds just this week. For their age, clearly they’ve had some work done. The drawing, however, is for a little girl who is sick in the hospital who said her favorite cartoon characters are Mickey and Minnie. Since I only mailed it out two days ago, she hasn’t received it yet, but just in case she reads my blog, I’ve redacted her name so she can still be surprised.

To look this good at 90, one has to have a pretty skilled plastic surgeon on retainer.


Come back tomorrow. I may just show what a real 90 year old mouse might look like.