New & Improved!

Lately the bulk of my time has been spent at The Third Floor company where I have been working as a storyboard artist on a film. It has been tough to set some time aside for other projects between the day gig and preparations for Christmas. However, I have been helping out an old friend from my Disney days in redesigning a character I first came up with for his online traffic school,

Yes folks, Captain Traffic is back, and better than before! My pal Brett Drogmund first asked me to develop this character as a mascot for his then brand new company at least 15 years ago. My drawings have graced his website (and the side of a car) ever since then. (You can read about it HERE!) But it was time to update this road warrior with a more contemporary look.

While staying true to the cheesy essence of the good captain, I made him more sleek and sophisticated in his coloring style. This is the first drawing in a series of them I am working on, and it just so happens to currently be on’s homepage right this very moment!


Captain Traffic – the hero of every traffic violator’s sentencing.