Music Tour Poster

Two weeks ago, my pal Matt Diffee asked me to help out with a tour poster he was designing for bluegrass banjo artist Noam Pikelny. Diffee is widely known for his cartoons that appear in The New Yorker magazine. He drew the art for Noam (including the lettering), but due to some traveling he was going to do, he asked if I could color it.

So, I took Diffee’s pencil drawing, and proceeded to color it in Photoshop, and added some paper texture to it to give it more of that homemade look. Noam wanted it to be 11×17″ in size, so I added the spattered brown paper border further giving it that rustic look that compliments the environment of a pirate ship. At least I assume it compliments it. I’ve never actually worked on a pirate ship before. Sailing & pillaging aren’t really my thing.

Noam’s Universal Favorite tour begins today in the state of Washington, so it seemed like the right¬†time to show you all this illustrative collaboration!