Muppet Babies

Last week I went to the ABC network headquarters in Burbank, CA, to see a special industry preview of Disney Junior’s new Muppet Babies television show, and really enjoyed it! The team from Oddbot Inc. headed up by Tom Warburton did a fun job on updating the property into a computer generated (CG) show for today’s generation of toddlers.

The show debuted this past Friday on TV. I trust it was a smash and will continue growing and evolving. Tom and team hinted at other Muppet characters making appearances in future episodes, too, which can only mean the Muppet zaniness is sure to progress!

So, in my enthusiasm for all things Muppet (I actually tried to get a job at Jim Henson Productions before ever launching into a career in animation), I did this little digital painting of three of my favorite mini-Muppets.


There’s something to be said about childhood friends who wind up working together their whole lives.