Jack Out of the Box

I’m still playing around with some digital brushes in Photoshop, and recently worked up this painted sketch with a gouache look.

It’s kind of fun trying to play around with broad strokes and tones rather than the endless noodling I do when I paint traditionally. Also, painting digitally allows me create subtle color builds MUCH easier than when trying to paint traditionally. However, at the end of the project, there is no original painting. It only exists in the ether.

For this drawing, I reached back into my brain thinking of the style of great European comic book characters such as the original Smurfs and Asterix for inspiration. I always LOVED that kind of art style, which seemed to be seldom utilized by American cartoonists.

Jack is a super tiny Englishman being confronted by the giant who really is the victim of a home invasion when you think about it. You’d be upset, too, if some punk kid slid under your door to eat your food and steal your golden goose all from right under your nose. Fe to the Fi to the Fo to the Fum.


Looks like the giant don’t know Jack.