Happy New Year!

Now, you are probably wondering what sketches of lions, Darth Vader, and a dinosaur have in common with each other for a New Year’s post. They happen to be my final sketches for 2017, and they were all done this past weekend for my little nephews at their request – except for the dinosaur. The one year old can’t talk yet, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t disappointed with ol’ Uncle Chad’s choice.


Aw – look at that mommy tasting her young.
The Force was so strong with this one, that you can see him bleeding through the lion picture.
Without looking at any reference material, I’m pretty sure this is scientifically accurate.


While I generally remain positive here on the ol’ blog, 2017 is a year that I’d rather forget. I’m sure you’ve all had a year or two like that. I just keep drawing and painting, and looking to the Bible for sage wisdom with life’s tough stuff.

So, here’s to the new year where hopefully the sketches get better, as well as the life experiences!