Happy Birthday America!!

Yep. Today is the good ol’ Fourth of July. I put that in caps because around these parts, that’s not just a date – it’s also the secondary name we Americans call Independence Day. We pinpoint our official beginning as a new nation on July 4, 1776, since that is when our Declaration of Independence from King George of England was signed.

I was sketching the other day, and this bold eagle came forth. It being our national bird, it seemed like the right time of year to put our flag behind him. Not sure how he rolled up his “sleeve” to get busy defendin’ & workin’, but that’s how red-blooded Americans have always been.

To my fellow Americans, enjoy the celebration today. And to my English friends, thanks for sharing the colors red, white, and blue.


I wonder if the founding fathers envisioned that we would celebrate by cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on a grill?