Happy 4th of July!

I wanted to wish my fellow Americans a happy Independence Day!

George Washington
I don’t mind the powdered wig so much, but the splinters left behind by the wooden teeth are a bit much.


I grew up in Florham Park, the town next to Morristown, New Jersey where George Washington had his headquarters during the Revolutionary War. Seems like every old house in the area claims good ol’ George slept there, including one down the street from my former homestead. Florham Park was actually incorporated BEFORE 1776. Back in those days, the land I grew up on once was part of an apple orchard. ¬†Despite his history with cherry trees, perhaps George rested for a spell against an apple tree there contemplating the daunting task that was before him. It is interesting, and sobering, to consider.

I hope you all enjoy the festivities of the day with your families remembering the trials and risks our forefathers took to establish this country, and that we need to stand strong against those who wish to chip away at those same freedoms whether from outside our borders or from within.