Green Guy

Netflix’s Green Eggs & Ham show continues to be enjoyed by viewers all over the world. It has been fun seeing all the fan art on the web by those who love the show. Netflix announced a second season which I know the crew over at Warner Bros. TV Animation has been busy working on. How do I know? I worked on season 2!

Specifically, I worked on storyboards for the second season, which I wrapped on last year. These were some of my character study sketches for the character of Guy Am I (Sam I Am’s buddy voiced with perfect grumpiness by Michael Douglas) that I drew to get used to the style and feel of the show.


Go green.


I don’t know when season 2 will sizzle from the pan for you all, but I’m excited to see everyone’s efforts just as much as you are!

By the way, if you’d like to see more of my GEAH art here on the ol’ blog, CLICK HERE!