Gone Fishin’

I just wanted to apologize to all those of you who follow my blog. I haven’t had anything new and exciting posted here in a few weeks, and wanted to let you know it will be a little while longer before I return from a very welcome vacation.

If I could pack my scanner with me, I’d have some things to show you. Things such as the sketches I did in the Los Angeles and Dallas airports, or the doodles of all the interesting beach walkers that have paraded past me here in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’ve also been doing some cartoony watercolor pieces that will find their way to the upcoming¬†D23 convention in Anaheim. Oh, and I even squirted out a sketch or two at my very first monster truck show! Wow. The South has EVERYTHING!

So, when I return to sunny (and from what I hear blazing) California, we will pick up where we left off. Deal? Deal.