From the Flat File: 1988 – Piggy Stayed Home

Thanks to my friend Judy Soemer Gracie who I have known since we were kids, earlier this summer I was reacquainted with this old drawing of mine that I did when I was in high school for our church’s member cookbook. I don’t even remember drawing it, and yet it is familiar all at the same time.

Sure hope he doesn’t cook pork dishes.
You can see the young cartoonist in me trying to figure out how those pros would make their beautiful drawings. I hadn’t figured out yet that nice thick and thin lines were made with brush and ink, not single width pens.

A fun detail that I can tell is in the background is a portrait of large celebrity chef of the day Paul Prudhomme, having “him” sign the picture “Pig Prudhomme.”

Anyway, thought this would be a fun Throwback Thursday post. Neat to see what I was doing so many years ago.