Clubhouse Magazine – Lobster Lad

Last week I started sharing with you the first of three illustrations created for the July 2017 issue of Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Magazine that is available NOW if you reach out to Clubhouse! Today you get to see the second piece.

This one is a tad bit unusual. Lobster Lad is a boy who is pretending to be a lobster in order to get out of a writing assignment. After all, how can a lobster ever hold a pencil with those sharp and powerful claws? Also, it is terribly difficult to write on wet paper. The boy’s plan is genius.

First, here is the final rough drawing that was colored in Photoshop to work out the color scheme.


You might say that this is the lobster art before it is cooked.


Here is the final watercolor and colored pencil illustration that appears in the magazine.


I wonder how much a 50 pound lobster would cost?


If you are interested in owning this original published art measuring roughly 11×12″, it is available for $500. Shipping is included within the USA. Additional charges will apply for international shipping. Feel free to contact me at if interested in purchasing this or any other art in my FOR SALE category here on the ol’ blog.